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White Women In Robes 

You can never hide your true colors,esp. when you wear them on your “sleeve” !!!


This essay contains extensive discussion of reproductive violence and some mention of sexual violence.

North Carolina has more living victims of forced or coerced sterilization than any other state in the U.S. There are around 7,600 known cases that were performed through a government-run eugenics program that culminated in 1974. A task force convened in 2011 to determine how the thousands of people who were forcibly sterilized by the state would be granted monetary reparations. Their preliminary report to the Governor includes testimony from victims given at the hearing, some of whom were teens or preteens at the time of their sterilization.

“Now I don’t know if North Carolina wants to hear this or not but this is North Carolina’s holocaust. We need a wall. We need a library,” said Australia Clay. Her testimony was one of the many transcribed in the report. She spoke up for her mother, who…

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The Birth date of Hip-Hop Aug 11,1973

Today is the birth date of one of the greatest musical entities the world has ever seen,Hip-Hop. A collection of different styles combined together to make one.Graffiti,B-Boying,D-jaying and of course MCing. In the early days it was the DJ that rocked the “Joint” so to say. One particular young man by the name of Clive Campbell better known as “Kool DJ Herc”decided to throw a back to school party. using a unique style of using two turntables he unintentionally changed the course of music as we know it today. Originally deemed as crap and non music by some, rap and Hip-Hop are now embraced by people the world over.Happy Birthday HIP-HOP !!!1520 sedg

10 Ten Things a person should believe in?

Very inspirational !!!

Why I started my Own Blog

The ten most important thing a person should believe in?

1. Their self when no one else does.

2.Family and friends that will stick by you when you don’t have anybody else.

3.dreams and aspirations that can take you to the next level.

4.Life because it matters and its your purpose to figure it out.

5.Building a huge relationship with your passion and developing the ability to listen to positive advice.

6.Teaching other people steps on being successful in life an sharing their experiences different people can relate to.

7.Define your purpose and what you expect in this world and the society.

8.Being mindful of human beings or peoples feeling when explaining your point.

9.bringing awareness of your own actions.

10. Always put God first whether you going through trials and tribulations or a situation.

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