Natalie Maria Cole-1950-2015 Unforgettable

On New Years eve we lost another giant in the world of music,the great Natalie Cole. The daughter of the Legendary Nat”king”Cole,miss Cole followed in her fathers footsteps and paved a very lustrous career of her own. Her very first record became a major hit and Grammy winner for Best New Artist and Best R&B vocal performance,Female. She would go on to have a string of hits to follow including “Inseparable” “Our Love” “I’ve got love on my mind” and “Mr.Melody” just to name a few. After failing record sales and a bout with drugs and health issues,Ms. Cole made a comeback with a remake of Bruce Springsteen’s “Pink Cadillac”,but it was her reworking of her dad’s classic “Unforgettable”which garnered her a new following from fans of her’s and her dad’s alike . Ms.Cole won nine Grammy awards and sold over 30 million records worldwide. A wonderful talent that will truly be missed. May I say just like her Father she is simply “Unforgettable” !!! May she rest in Peace.Natalie Cole-Beautiful


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