I’ve lived in shelters, soI can relate!!!

A walk with my camera

I have shied away from visiting temporary relocation shelters for many reasons, one of them being the lack of dignity afforded to the residents in these communities.


These bunkhouses are separated by a single sheet of plywood which offers very little in terms of privacy.  There isn’t even a ceiling to shield the interior from the heat radiating from the hot tin roof.


Outside, buckets and basins holding stored household water line up the alley.  Bathing is done in the open by young and old alike, but with clothes on.


A typical bunkhouse is approximately 100 square feet.  It serves as the living room, dining room, bedroom, entertainment room, and whatever room it needs to be.  It is barely the size of a single hotel room and and it doesn’t have a toilet.


Months have already passed and there is still no update as to when a permanent shelter will be provided, or if there will be any…

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