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Happy Birthday to The BOSS !!!

Today is the Birthday of one of the greatest talents this world has ever seen.It’s no wonder why she’s called The Boss !!! Happy Birthday to Ms. Diana Ross,the ultimate Diva herself. Many happy more !!!Diana Ross The Boss


In search of Spock !!! Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

To one of the greatest TV icons of all time.We all knew and loved him as Mr.Spock on Star Trek. Leonard Simon Nimoy who recently passed away,was one of the most recognizable faces in TV history.He had starred in countless shows and movies throughout his long career,including a spot on “Mission Impossible” for two seasons and the narrator of the Television series “In Search of” in the 70’s. He was also a Director,an Author and poet,Singer-Songwriter and a Photographer. Mr. Nimoy was married twice and leaves behind two Mr.Spock !!!children Adam and Julie Nimoy and his wife of twenty six years Susan Bay. As you go to the final frontier may I say “Live Long and Prosper”to you sir,you will be missed!!!