Monthly Archives: June 2014

Soul singer Bobby Womack passed away Friday from unknown complications. A protege of Sam Cooke, and a member of his family’s group “The Valentinos” in the 50’s. Mr.Womack Had hits with, “I’m looking for a love”,”Across 110th street”,”Harry Hippie” and “If you think you’re lonely now”. Mr.Womack was once married to Barbara Campbell, Sam Cooke’s widow who later divorced him when it was found he had an affair with her and Sam’s daughter,Linda who later married Bobby’s brother Cecil. His son with Barbara,Vincent Womack took his life in 1988. A troublesome life for a great talent. May he rest in peace!!!


The good,The bad,and The ugly!!! Eli Wallach 1915-2014

Stage, screen, and television legend Eli Wallach passed away Tuesday.He starred in many films ,but no one will ever forget him as “Tuco” in “The good,The bad, and The ugly” A long Life and a long career. May his soul r.i.p. Hey Blondie your mother is a grand -aaaghhh waa waa waa!!!

T.V. Legend Ann Bradford Davis better known as Schultzy from “The Ann B.Davis,c. 1973Bob Cummings show” and Alice from “The Brady Bunch” passed away yesterday from subdural hematoma,due to a fall she had taken.She was 88. Millions grew up with her and she will be missed very much,mat she rest in peace.So long and tell Mr. Brady and Bob we said what’s up!!!